Earn cashback on nearly all of your travel bookings

Kathy is striving in her blog for "affordable luxury" by looking for deals and strategies to optimize travel without going beyond one's means. Of course she couldn't pass ThreeSteps as a handy travel tool to make money back on each travel booking.

Check out her Blog - Will Run For Miles to read about her ThreeSteps findings.

Smart way to use ThreeSteps referral program

There are so many glowing travellers out there. So why not share the good news with your friends and family how easy we all can save money on our travel spendings. Once you have tried it, you will never again wish to travel without it.

Kathy is using the ThreeSteps referral program in her blog and easily makes some extra money with her personal recommendation link by inviting her audience to check out and book though ThreeSteps.

How to earn some extra money with the ThreeSteps recommendation program

EUR 3,- per recommendation.

Share your personal referral link and make your friends and family save money on their travel bookings too. EUR 3,- are yours as soon as your friend successfully books the first time via ThreeSteps. You will see soon how people will love you for this travel hack.

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