What do I have to take into account during booking to qualify for cashback?

If you consider the following rules, you will have no trouble to qualify for Cashback:

  1. enter your correct and personal e-mail adress at ThreeSteps
  2. allow cookies in your browser settings
  3. book only at through ThreeSteps accessed pages
    Parallel access to other or the same platform, leads to unnoticed tracking interruptions and your bookings can not be assigned and qualify for cashback. 
  4. delete cookies before each booking
  5. It is not possible to redeem voucher or promotional codes
  6. Redeem voucher or promotional codes can be used only, if listed and offered at ThreeSteps. If not, see 5..
  7. decide for one bonus system. If you collect for example "Payback Points" or even use another Cashback System, you gotta decide for one of them
  8. Bookings made through the app of a booking platform, can not be tracked and rewarded as cashback by ThreeSteps
  9. cancelled bookings, obviously do not qualify for Cashback

Last update on 19.05.2017 by Martin Mildner.

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