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Cashback? How does ThreeSteps work?

Step 1: Choose your preferred booking platform and type in your email. We email you when you return from your trip to arrange payout of your cashback.

Step 2: Book as usual. We will forward you to your booking platform. After your booking just enter the booking confirmation number at ThreeSteps.

Step 3: After returning from your trip, you will receive your cashback through ThreeSteps.


Why will I get money from ThreeSteps?

That's very simple. If you book through ThreeSteps, we receive commission from the particular booking-platform we transferred you to.

And we share this commission with you.

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Is using ThreeSteps free of charge?

Yes of course!

The service of ThreeSteps is absolutely free.
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The world is yours again. More and more countries and regions open their borders for business and tourism.


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Earn cashback on nearly all of your travel bookings

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